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Discover XLEG, The Crutch Alternative

It was after his 10th surgery,

where the makings of XLEG Gen 1 began, or one can argue it all started when he got into a car accident in 2015.

XLEG may be the future of leg rehabilitation.
This alternative to the traditional crutches was developed out of need. The need to feel free to go about one’s usual routine without being limited physically by the selected assistive device.

It is noted that the XLEG gives individuals the ability to safely exercise range of motion of their hips and knees. Plus, just like other comparable mobility devices, its prevents individuals from bearing weight on the affected leg.

From the drafts drawn up in the hospital bed to his 2018 Kickstarter campaign, “…the biggest improvement is the adjustability and comfort”, says Reid Robinson, Inventor of the XLEG.

This hands-free and wearable crutch may be similar in appearance to that of an exoskeleton. Four straps on the top to adjust to a person’s thigh. Three straps on the bottom to adjust to the size of someone’s calf. There was even a design consideration for those diagnosed with genu valgum or genu varum where the knees are angled differently from their regular alignment.

One concern regarding XLEG is its affordability. At the moment, one can get their hands on this lightweight and durable invention for $599/$699 on Kickstarter. If it became the go to gear for rehabilitative purposes, hopefully it would become partially covered or tax deductible among other devices.

With this new disruption to the space that was long occupied by crutches, there will be a learning curve with XLEG. However, “I am prepared to work directly with anyone who purchases the XLEG Gen 1 to ensure they have the same freedom and mobility I have experienced with the XLEG”, wrote Robinson.

I imagine that if this were to become a well-known product, that there will be thousands of Youtube hits when you search “How to use XLEG”. Or at least the number of hits would be close to “How to use Crutches” – at the moment 65 600.


Kickstarter Campaign:

Note: 1. XLEG Gen 1 was developed in Calgary, Alberta. (Canada)
2. Discovered through Kickstarter. 


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