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Discover Blinky and the Phone Fiasco, A Family Guide on TOO MUCH Screen Time  

If you have TOO MUCH of a good thing,

sometimes it will change you – literally. For better or worse, technology has become a part of everyday life. Automation is being used in more industries. Old ways of doing things are becoming obsolete.  There is almost an app for anything you can think of. Life was not always like this, but for those who are growing up with technology – this is what they know. Much like other parents, Dr. Tripler Pell has experienced with her kids on having TOO MUCH screen time. Dr. Pell takes a creative approach with her picture book, Blinky and the Phone Fiasco.

In collaboration with her kids, they develop a character who resembles much of the habits of today’s youth. Instead of playing in the park or reading at the library, a boy kept his eyes glued in one direction – towards a smart phone. Even though he was encouraged to put the device away, he stuck with it. It was clear that he was having TOO MUCH screen time. However, he did not see the harm in this until it was too late. After going to bed as he did every night, he woke up the next morning to a great surprise, he was a phone! Imagine your physical body becoming the rigid hard case of a cellular device – complete with buttons and all. Together with his family, they worked towards getting him back to his healthy self.

Realistically, a person will not turn into a literal smart phone. However, there are so many health issues that may develop from TOO MUCH screen time. Though, in what world will children listen to a parent, let alone a physician, tell them that TOO MUCH screen time is bad. Dr. Pell shared: “There were many long books written for parents on screen time and social media, but there were no resources for families and teachers to start a dialogue in a fun way. The tips at the back [of the book] were meant to be useful tools that anyone could use. [I’ve] found it’s no use to say something isn’t good for you, without giving someone the tools to make it better. I also wanted to change the dialogue from judgment and limits to “how do we make screen time use healthier.” We are all in this together!”

It is not about not living with a computer, TV or phone privileges. Do not think of it as a punishment, but rather as a part of life that does not need attention 24/7.  Everyone could benefit from a little less screen time – kids and adults alike.



Note: 1. Blinky and the Phone Fiasco was published in Canada.

2. Discovered through Indigo.


  1. fluxingwell fluxingwell

    Love this! I’m always looking for new picture books to add to my school library collections, especially about tech. Thanks!

  2. I feel like the struggle of too much screen time is super common in today’s society, unfortunately. I am, however, glad to see more and more parents recognizing this.

  3. The book sounds like a fun and educational read. I know we struggle to find the balance in our household as well with technology . . . it’s a necessary evil. However, I do miss the days of playing outside from dawn to dusk, where computers and cell phones didn’t exist.

  4. We definitely need more of this- times are changing and kids need to learn early why too much screen time is bad for them. So many of them are glued to their iPads and some schools are making it worse!

  5. This is a great topic to write stories of and talk about. I limit my children with timers and make them do other things to keep them from having too much screen time. I also remind them of the dangers as often as I can.

  6. We limit our daughter’s screen time! But times are changing, she’s 4 and has her own iPhone lol but like I said we limit her use and she only uses for games and YouTube 🙂 sometimes I wish it were like when I was growing up, before cellphones were in all our pockets! Simpler times

  7. Blinky and the Phone Fiasco seems like a good read. I will read this to my niece!

  8. Limiting screentime is such a necessity now a days! I make sure to explain to my kids *why* I’m limiting it. Education helps them.

  9. It sounds like a good read. When my kids where little I wish that I have read it to them thanks for sharing.

  10. Ivelisse Estes Ivelisse Estes

    Aw this is cute but also so true! It is crazy how glued to phones kids are.


  11. Quin CL Quin CL

    That looks really funny and I would definitely be interested in reading this book. 🙂

  12. Kristine Nicole Alessandra Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I will get this book for my grandson and give one to my little niece too. Kids nowadays are way too techie and it amazes me how they learn to navigate a smartphone by themselves. I do limit my grandson’s screen time but there are days that it really is a struggle.

    • it is really scary. i sometimes still get surprised when i have to ask someone younger than me about technology when i somewhat grew up with it myself.

  13. Rosey A Rosey A

    Anything that encourages a healthy balance of screen time is good in my book. Thanks for the great share.

  14. Elizabeth O Elizabeth O

    It’s such a fun topic and one that is so relevant to this century. I’ll keep it in mind for my clients.

  15. Lavern Moore Lavern Moore

    I’m not sure if one can be sure if any screen time is too much screen time. We are evolving. Perhaps humans can adapt because it seems as though we are not going back to the old days. Nevertheless, good story.

  16. Blair villanueva Blair villanueva

    This is an awesome read for kids, especially during family time. I guess it is also nice to establish rules on using smartphones at home.

  17. Elizabeth O Elizabeth O

    One of the kids I work with has the book and really enjoys it. TMI is the bane of our 21st century existence.

  18. I don’t have kids yet but my mom, a grandma to 5 kids, would always stress her point about too much screen time. She has this rule that the maximum net time would be 1 hour per day. Glad she has that rule because I can see my nephew and nieces really sticking to it and in fact, they are more into physical activities and also they’ve develop a study habit. Something so difficult to see with some of my friends kids, SAD TO SAY.

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