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Meet Jeronnie Dioquino, Aesthetic Confidante


It’s through physical touch

where her compassion is felt. It’s her love language. Laying down under a sheet with eyes closed, clients wait for her to make the first move. With the simple stroke of her hands, she eases you into this moment of vulnerability. Now personally, the thought of ever closing my eyes beyond my couch scares me. But, after seeing my parents fall asleep at their first facial, I know that fears can be overcome. With soft lighting and music nostalgia, Jeronnie, aesthetician, creates a safe space for all identities through her new endeavor, Jhey N Beau.

Rhey: Other than water, what drink would you not be able to live without?

Jeronnie: Healthy Mocktails

Rhey: Name something that triggers a satisfying ASMR for you.

Jeronnie: Rain and Restocking

Rhey: What was the last view that took your breath away?

Jeronnie: The mountains by the beach in Luzon, Philippines.

Rhey: Why did you create Jhey N Beau?

Jeronnie: I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and act on the consistent love and support I have had around me for years now. Also, not to mention the economy changes. 

Rhey: If you could have a tattoo where would it be and what would you get a tattoo of?

Jeronnie: Since I was 16, I thought of wanting a large tattoo going down the side of my thigh. Different sizes of sampagita flowers, waterfall details in and around it and add names of my loved ones that have passed conforming to the water.

Rhey: What does ‘Bring Your Own Beauty’ mean?

Jeronnie: BYOB comes from the vision of a safe transparency towards skin journeys with a hint of urban tranquility.

Rhey: What is your go-to-song that will get you into the zone?

Jeronnie: Hardest question although, one seasoned go-to of mine is “Treat” by 11:11.

Rhey: What is something your clients have done or said that surprised you as an aesthetician?

Jeronnie: Mentalities. After years of experience and encounters – I have been better at picking up on the state of mind they are in. Their willingness or lack thereof to prioritize themselves.

Rhey: When would you recommend somebody to use more than just soap and water for their skin care regimen?

Jeronnie: Only if they would want to and/or if their skin barrier proceeds to becoming compromised. I choose not to insist but to recommend upon request.

Rhey: What is one of the worst things people can do to their skin?

Jeronnie: Any forms of stress (emotional, physical, mental etc.).

Rhey: What strategies would you recommend to help someone relax in an uncomfortable environment or situation?

Jeronnie: In a public setting, if possible, the best thing to do in my opinion is to take oneself out of that environment/ situation. The next best choice for me would be to control my emotions before reacting if it was not an emergency. 

Rhey: What advice would you give to someone who is on the fence of getting services from an aesthetician?

Jeronnie: Know what your looking for and what you don’t like. Being a broad service category, you could research what type of service from what protocol they use or ingredients. To know what you dont like can help you communicate that to the aesthetician especially if you are just looking to start. The last thing you want is to lay there and receive an abrasive treatment unknowingly.

Rhey: If you could have an all-expenses paid Jhey N Beau pop-up anywhere in the world, where would you want to set-up for a week and why?

Jeronnie: Having alot of close friends in a similar industry, I would selfishly start in these few places because of my people but also the land.

  • Philippines
  • Calgary
  • Austrailia

Rhey: What do you hope to achieve through Jhey N Beau?

Jeronnie: Hoping to spread more opportunities to heal through selfcare.

Jhey N Beau logo

Notes: 1. Jhey N Beau was founded in Toronto, Ontario.
2. Discovered through personal network.

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