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Discover Brave Badges, The Sticker Reinvented

Something as simple as giving a child

a sticker for a job well done can be a powerful tool. This has been proven time and again in elementary school where students carry a sense of pride when they are recognized for their efforts. This act of kindness can extend beyond the realm of academia. Brave Badges, are the upgraded version of stickers. Made of perler beads, these badges are given to children and their siblings who are fighting, having fought or have won their battles with cancer.

It starts with an online request which then leads to an informal interview. Each brave badge is tailored to the child’s interests and general likes at the time. Then they are sent to the child or family member completely free of charge.

Since March 31, 2017, Rebecca Harbor along with a group of volunteers have gifted 650 brave badges. 13 of these had been tribute badges – given to those who had passed away due to cancer. The distribution of these small gems have not been limited to the Canadian population. To date, they have been shipped to Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Thailand, South Africa, France and Poland – almost every continent!

Harbor shares the most memorable badge that has been given was to a close friend of the effort. A tribute badge was given to his family complete with all the child’s interests including Pokémon, Moana, Lightning McQueen, and Star Wars.

Operating out of pocket and from generous donations, brave badges continue to be made with the goal to make the recipients smile.



Be Brave Badge


Note: 1. Brave Badges are created in Toronto, Ontario. (Canada)
2. Discovered in-person through volunteering. 

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