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Experience Dance with Dance2Change the World

If a person with two left feet dances

with you in spite of their vocalized reluctance, you must mean something special to them. Dance has the power to connect people across faiths, generations, and cultures. These are the core beliefs of Dance2Change the World (D2C) when Tricord Media Incorporated founded it last year.

Though their homebase is in Burlington, they are expanding in to other parts of Ontario forming both centralized and spontaneous locations. Prospective members have the option to go to a designated space, like a dance studio. Or meet up at a place that is simply convenient for everyone.

With different organizers, producers and dancers getting involved, D2C explores different kinds of dances from traditional to contemporary. This includes highschool graduate Israel Rain; she is one of the dancers involved with experience in the dances of First Nations people. There is also Sarah Robichaud, founder of Dancing with Parkinson’s, who will be a leader in a choreographed piece. Mar Jay Rigor, Marketing Coordinator, said, “Our mindset is that no one is to be excluded in any regard”. The showcasing of different forms of movement is a part of their efforts to encourage face-to-face connection and broadening awareness.

In addition to D2C’s positive online presence, they have plans to attempt the world’s largest flash mob on November 3rd, a viral video challenge and a thoughtful short film expected to premiere September 7th. These projects are guaranteed to be inclusive, even for people with two left feet.



Note: 1. Dance2Change the World was established in burlington, Ontario. (Canada)
2. Discovered through Facebook.
3, This post was written with help by Choo Tsen Yao, Community Engagement Coordinator. 


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