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Experience Accessibility with Connect4Life

It is not about what they can’t do,

but rather what they can and what they have the potential to do. Even in the 21st century in the technological age, there are still places that are not able to meet the needs of those with disabilities. This may be due to lack of equipment, software, and costs. There are also some who may believe that segregation is the answer. In contrast, Connect4Life focuses on creating an inclusive environment that is mindful of individuals’ accommodation needs and fosters ability.

With so many barriers for people with physical and invisible disabilities, Melanie Taddeo was inspired to create an organization that would increase accessibility through education. In addition to the charities’ employment and social support services, they run a radio broadcasting introductory course.

Reported to be a very hands-on initiative, students learn all the basic ins and outs of radio. This includes the history of radio, communication style, writing and learning about the environment at large. Taddeo stated, “You only have 30 seconds to a minute to really grab someone’s attention in radio”. Students of the program are challenged to develop their own 30 minute podcast by the end of the term. Some subjects of past podcasts covered smartphones, entrepreneurs with disabilities, medical cannabis, and tasting at a juice bar. These term projects are then run on this non-profits radio station, Voices 4 Ability.

Alongside the podcasts, there are a variety of other programs that run on this online radio station. From music, to panels to current happenings. It’s meant for anyone and everyone, especially for those who want to know more about all things accessibility.

To get yourself educated, connect with Connect4life.



Note: 1. Connect4Life was established in Brampton, Ontario. (Canada)
2. Discovered through Charity Village.


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