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Discover Big Bad Dad, Stereotype Breaker

You are not a part of pop culture

until you have been memed.

Standing at over 6 feet tall, covered in tattoos, is Ryan Bourquin pictured with his daughter Winnie – both wearing Snow White dresses.

Though the princess dresses are now reserved for special occasions, they do other typical royal activities in their lovely palace in Calgary. This includes reading, crafts, hiking, biking and yoga.

Inspired by their everyday life, this father and daughter duo published a picture book entitled, “Big Bad Dad“. They bring a new lens to the classic saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Bourquin explains, “If people were to see me, they would never guess that I would be doing tea parties, and nail paintings, and dressing up in dresses with my daughter. [But] at the same [time], still showing her proper values and hard work”.

What started off as a one-of-a-kind Christmas present, is now being shared with the public. Readers may relate to the message of this story even if they are not a parent or appear “scary” to others. Character traits and one’s abilities in any role is not defined by how one looks.

This valuable lesson has given these first-time authors opportunities to share their story on the news and radio segments, through book signings as well as getting involved in fundraising campaigns.

If you would like to see the origins behind Bourquin ‘s tattoos or what Winnie dressed up as on Halloween, you can get your copy of Big Bad Dad through Amazon, Chapters or Walmart.

While Winnie continues to tackle the challenges of grade 2, the pair will be coming up with another Big Bad Dad adventure! This time looking at breaking down the stereotypes of little girls with big badass dads!




Note: 1. Big Bad Dad was developed in Calgary, Alberta. (Canada)
2. Discovered through Instagram. 

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