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Meet Sheri Copplestone, Human Google

This is not your everyday interview

that lasts for up to an hour with a strict question and answer dialogue. This was an over four hour conversation with, Sheri Copplestone, a 23 year old plus shipping and handling. She is a CFP, CDFS, CEA, and SBA . She assists with problems revolving around housing, medical, legal, financial, legacy (end of life), family, self, and lifestyle. She is the navigator of different fields. With a wealth of knowledge, she breaks down her words of wisdom for people who have not been touched by her Sheri godmother wand.

Sheri: “You have to have gaps for good things to fall into”.
Interpreted by Rhey: Plan for the unexpected. Be free to be able to welcome opportunities at any point in time. Her calendar is filled with appointments, and dates with nothing scheduled. She does this to ensure that if something does come up, there is minimum conflict with her other commitments.

Sheri: “You can’t find happiness if you are committed to misery”.
Interpreted by Rhey: If you are too busy doing things that you do not like, when will you find the time and be in the right frame of mind to find what you are passionate about? Give yourself permission to take risks, change and grow.

Sheri: “Channel Your Inner Redhead ~ Stand Out, Speak Up, Step Forward”
Interpreted by Rhey: She says it is not a hair colour, but an attitude. It’s embracing a “red head’s” approach to life, where you live for yourself. You stop thinking about how little you and others may think of you. Instead, you focus on what energizes you to become the best version of yourself. Strive for goals and aspirations without hesitation. Commit to not being complacent.

Sheri: “Become the master of ‘foo foo’.”
Interpreted by Rhey: If you are looking to be the leader of something, you have to stop thinking, “I am not ‘the’ expert, or ‘go-to’ person for XYZ”. Gather the confidence to just do it.

Sheri: “I want to take as many people across the finish line with me, with as minimal bruises as possible.”
Interpreted by Rhey: She wants to support people in tackling the problems that causes pain or tears. She wholeheartedly believes in supporting those navigating divorce, disability, death and decisions. If she can accomplish this, she feels good.

Sheri: “Sherindepidity.”
Interpreted by Rhey: It is not about Sheri Copplestone. It is about there being a reason for every encounter. Something will be gained from meeting a person, regardless if money is involved or not.

Sheri: “What makes you do the wee-wee dance?”
Interpreted by Rhey: She uses this question and two others to help people find their passion. She asks what do you love doing that you hold in your urine to continue.

Sheri: “No one wants to play in the same sandbox.”
Interpreted by Rhey: Experts in their respective industries, are not experts in other ones. There is minimal communication in interdisciplinary teams to support people in their goals. She strives to be two people away from every person an individual would need to meet.




Note: 1. Sheri Copplestone is currently working in Guelph, Ontario and beyond (Canada). 
2. Discovered through Jeanine Dukelow, Recreation Coordinator. 

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