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Experience Culture with Think Indigenous – Online Education

Imagine a wealth of knowledge

being passed down from generation to generation. It is the sharing of lived experience and knowledge in a moment. It is being captivated by a speaker in something that they are excited about that makes it all the more memorable.

Chris. Julia. Tyler. Patricia. Kevin. David. Curtis. Cheyene. Marty. Ashley. Arliss. Ira. TJ. Samma. Tesler. Lamarr. Khoniss. Donnie. Eric. Rollin. Andre. John.

These are just some of the great knowledge keepers you can find at Think Indigenous – Online Education. It is a Facebook page that was developed by a fantastic group of people across Turtle Island. In spite of school closures, this initiative is making family-friendly indigenous content accessible to all.

Since March 16, they have been providing bite sized lessons for the global community.  From Monday to Friday, you will be able to watch videos exploring all kinds of subjects.

Storytelling. Math. Powwow dancing. Science. Medicine Wheel. Social studies. Language. Health. Arts. The list goes on.

Whether it is the passionate teachers or the integration of culture, this virtual education has been drawing great attention online. Approximately, 10 000 followers and over 100 000 people reached in just under two weeks.

The reason for this support may lie within Chris Scribe’s first lesson in storytelling. After giving an example of what NOT TO DO, he explained the most important thing to know about story which is to make sure the audience is engaged.

From the comforts of your home, you can try learning a language with music or even basic numeracy with traditional games. Explore different interests at your own pace. Take a break from the news on COVID-19 and in stalking other people on social media. Instead, for a moment, ‘think indigenous’.



Note: 1. Think Indigenous – Online Education started in Saskatchewan, Canada, but has been connecting with others beyond Canadian borders.

2. Discovered through Facebook. 


  1. I think it’s so important to learn about different cultures and traditions, and online learning is definitely a great way to do this right now!

  2. Shannon Shannon

    Thank you for this information, I am going to check it out for sure. Are the conferences available all over or just California?

  3. What a neat idea. I imagine educational models are going to be forever changed by this pandemic.

  4. I absolutely love online learning. There could never be enough online sources to choose from.

  5. This is awesome! What a great way to keep your culture and traditions alive, and in addition, I’m sure you’ll be teaching them to people who don’t know, but are open to learning!

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