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Discover Amelia the Not-So Small Superhero, Kid Marvel

“A superhero is BIG. A superhero has a SUPER TALENT. A superhero could not possibly be just an ordinary KID like me, ” said the third-grader.

I assume that most people do not think of hereos as ‘average’. However, in reality there are usually no physical attributes that will make it easier for people to point out one in a crowd. Nor are there any ‘specifications’ that will automatically deem a person to possess heroic qualities. Growing up kids may think that those born with a GENIUS gene or with the years to become EXTRAORDINARY are the only ways one can be called an awesome, fantastic, out-of-this-world, super human-being. But Stephanie Lecce, teacher, and Elaine Chen, video game artist, brought the story that will show to little humans that they too can be heroes.

With elements from fiction and non-fiction, Amelia the Not-So Small Superhero shares real-life examples of everyday people and their ‘good’ deeds. As part of a lesson, Amelia, the third-grader, learns about people such as Mikaila Ulmer and Katie Stagliano who used ‘ordinary’ things to create extraordinary impact. She will discover that even a kid with glasses, a face full of freckles and a messy room could be an individual to be looked up to.

This story was closely inspired by Lecce’s personal experience as an educator. She opens every school year with a unit about superheros. Yes, she may cover the kinds of changemakers you may find in a history textbook. However, she impresses upon her students that they have the ability to do wonders by also highlighting kid heros. Lecce shared, “That is always the moment in the unit where you can see the students really feeling inspired and believing that they can make a difference. Seeing that look of inspiration on a child’s face is one of the reasons I became a teacher. I wanted to help them to grow beyond the academic realm with teaching core curriculum. My mission was to help children to grow into kind, caring, empowering, independent individuals that will change the world”.

Similar to Lecce, Chen strives to use her creativity to empower and teach others through her colourful pictures. Chen explained, “I had always done art as a child and it naturally became my way of expression. In the recent years, I have further discovered how art can be a medium for processing feelings. When I share my stories through art, I have discovered that many others resonate with my work when it is geniune and speaks the truth. Many have told me how it has helped them to process their own troubles. That is just one of the examples of how I think art, or illustration can be a tool for storytelling. And through stories we share with each other, we all learn a bit more about how to be human and navigate this complex world a bit better. So I hope I can continue to improve my skills as an illustrator to be a better story teller, help others share their journeys and educate the young ones of our world, learn how to walk on this earth.”

Now when it comes to finding exemplary kid heros, they may not be ‘old’ enough to be found in a nation’s history textbook. But if you do look hard enough, you might be surprised at the amount of inspiration you will stumble on. Lecce noted that this was how the kid heros were found for this picture book – , through a mixed-methods review. This included browsing social justice books for kids and researching online for local initiatives.

This awesome, fantastic, out-of-this-world, super duo will engage readers to believe in their power to make a positive impact. Having already raised well over their Kickstarter goal of $10 000, not-so small humans can be excited to see this hardcover picture book this upcoming Fall.


Note: 1. Amelia the Not-So Small Superhero was developed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

2. One website noted by Lecce to be useful was

3. What makes Lecce and Chen the awesome, fantastic, out-of-this-world, super human-being that they are? Lecce’s high energy, connectivity power, creativity and moment maker skills. Chen’s silver lining finder and positve aura. This is what they identified as their super powers. What are yours?

4. Discovered through Kickstarter.

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  1. Such a cute story. Reading your review makes me wanna read this book too.

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